Friday, June 8, 2012

New Serger!!!

I finally got it! I have been waiting a very long time and I finally got a Serger! I went up to a local quilt & sew store and got it used for $150.
It is a Hobby Lock made for Pfaff.

I'm so excited! Can't wait to use it! The owner of the store taught me how to thread and use it, plus it came with the instruction manual and accessories.

For a link to the store I got it from, go here:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Copycat: Jane By Design

Jane Quimby never fails to look adorable. If you haven't watched Jane By Design, catch it next Tuesday! They just returned with the rest of the season last night and I was inspired by her amazing outfits. Even though this outfit wasn't from the newest episode, I wanted to share her look with you.
Yellow Blazer: $62.38

Zip Front Floral Bralet: £16.99 ($26.74)

Ted Baker Vivvy Striped Skater Skirt, Dark Blue: £89 ($111.34)

Yellow Shoes: $49.99


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One Direction Tank From White Polo

I had a dress code my 8th grade year and we had to wear polo shirts and khakis. Now that I'm going into high school I have no use for these plain shirts except to cut them up and make something out of them. I'm a Directioner and I saw this shirt online:

It was instant love.

To change a boring old polo into a rockin' 1D shirt, keep reading.

Get the polo (turned inside out), . . .
and I used another tank as a guide, so place it on top.

( be sure to pin them together to avoid moving)

Outline the tank with a pencil onto the polo.

Now flip them back over and repeat.
Now just cut on the lines . . .

Follow the instructions to hem on my Shoulderless Refitted Shirt tutorial. Then sew it down.

This will be the result:

Now for the 1D:

Start by getting some interfacing and cut a piece big enough to cover where you want the 1D to be.
Draw on the desired picture. (Be sure to put the side that turns sticky once ironed is on the opposite side. Otherwise if the sticky side is up then the 1D is backwards. The picture below shows the sticky side facing the ironing board, not the camera. Please comment if that is confusing.)
After cutting out the interfacing, cut out the same shapes onto desired fabric.
Sew interfacing to fabric. (I just sewed a line down the middle. You don't need to go all the way around the letter/number, just enough to keep them together (purple))

Now sew the 1D to the shirt by going all the way around them in an outline. (green)   

finished! (I ended up cutting the bottom off )

Shoulderless Refitted Shirt

I found this plaid men's button-down at Goodwill for $1 and figured I could upcycle it to fit me. I don't know why I felt the need to buy it, probably because it reminded me on Liam Payne :), but here it is:

                                 Before                                              &                                  After

I cut out the shoulders first but you can do it afterwards too. 

Fold the shirt in half with the front on the outside (see picture). Make sure you line up the seams where the arms meet the shirt. Then draw a line staring at the collar and going all the way to the seam where the arm is.

Cut out on the lines you just drew.

Now it's time to fit the shirt:
Turn the shirt inside out, then put it on. pin the down the sides and arms to fit you.

Now just sew where the pins are. 

Then flatten the seam and iron it down.

Sadly, my shirt was still too long. Next comes the hemming:

            I took about 1 1/2 inches the bottom.

Now again so both sides have a folded edge.

 Pin it down.

 And Sew!

Now you have a finished, fitted shirt!